Today’s technology has made it much easier for people to communicate with each other across countries and continents, but in many cases the language barrier can still be a problem. In order for technology and medical science innovations to grow successfully it needs to be made accessible so that people around the world can understand it. Since the majority of medical, technological and scientific research papers are written in English, medical translation is needed in order to increase access.

A professional medical translation should be performed by someone who is not only an expert in the language the document will be translated into, but also an expert in medical terminology. In many cases medical documents are translated by a team of people including doctors and medical experts to ensure that the up-most accuracy is maintained.

The most common languages that are used for medical translation include:

  •  Spanish
  •  Italian
  •  Chinese
  •  Swedish
  •  German
  •  French
  •  Polish
  •  Korean
  •  Japanese

Many translation agencies employ language specialists with extensive knowledge of the scientific, medical or pharmaceutical sectors. This type of translation must be highly accurate and translators should not only be able to translate established medical terms, but also find the right words to translate newly formed terms.

Hospital Translation

At the highest level, medical translation can be used to share knowledge across the world, but on a domestic level it’s also an essential tool in UK hospitals and medical centres.
The UK today is a melting pot of different cultures, which means hundreds of different languages are spoken.

When someone arrives in the UK from another country it’s important that their medical documents are translated so that medical professionals fully understand their history and any illnesses or conditions they have.

Why do many governments have failed to make impressive translation in UK?
In addition, medical translation and interpretations can help patients understand what’s happening to them when they visit a hospital or Doctor’s surgery as their diagnosis and treatment information can be translated from English back into their home language.

If you need medical translation service then make sure you consider the following before making your choice:

  •  Look for a company with expertise in your field and ask them to supply evidence of previous projects
  •  Find out how translators are recruited to the company and what qualifications they have
  •  As to see references from other bodies that the agency have carried out similar work for

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