Unlike in the past times when one had to contact piles of books from different languages to get a translation of a single word, today technology has made life easy with the translator apps and software.

The most common of these are Google translate, Microsoft translator app, iTranslate from apple, android translator app to mention but a few. Online translating apps have played an important role in providing free and fast translation services to their clients. These translating apps and software have a number of plus points which will leave every one with no choice but to opt for them.

  • “Free” is the word that would entice any one to try using the apps. I mean, who would not love to utilize free services and indeed the apps provide free translation services to their users which gives them an upper hand over other translation agencies. But remember, cheap things are always expensive as I will further elaborate in this article.
  • The other outstanding feature of these translator apps is speed. Online translating apps are very quick in providing translation services to their users. This is very important because every user or client requires fast services. So, more users are attracted by the fast translation services.
  • Translations are provided in multiple languages with these translator software and apps. This is very essential since the whole translation business is about languages, so, the more language translations you provide, the more successful you become in translating.
  • The other aspect that makes online software translating tools favorable is confidentiality. All your information will never be known to anyone but the computer where you put it for translating compared to when you give your information to a translations agency.

Problems with translation apps

However, as everything has pros and cons, so does online translator apps and software. These apps and software have a number of limitations that make it grueling for one to fully trust them with his translation needs. Let me go over these limitations to make my point clear.

How to know what exactly is needed for translation services?

Contradictions is a major weakness of these translator apps and software as they bomb to provide uniform results most of the times. Hence, it makes it difficult for one to cherry-pick between what is right and what is not.

Online translator software and apps vastly lack accuracy in their translations. These apps provide translations of word per word not concerned about the order of the document and yet some parts need to be translated wholly not just by word which makes some translated information lose meaning.

Since these translator apps follow a set of commands and instructions, they repeat the same mistakes over time until the commands are modified. Therefore, you cannot rely on them that they are experienced in translating documents in a particular field let say business translations.

Some fields of translations require high levels of professionalism and knowledge for example legal aid translations and medical translations of which these translator apps and software lack and this can lead to a number of troublesome consequences in the translation process.

After weighing the above limitations of online translator apps and software, one can choose either to rely on the translation apps or an experienced professional translation agency for accurate and superlative quality services.

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