Many laws are repealed or annulled and this leads to legal curiosities regarding whether a law which was in effect previously is still in vogue or not. Such laws could pertain to various diverse issues and a legal practitioner has to keep up to date with the latest laws and those that are no longer in force. This might also help in legal translation, where the translator should be aware of the source as well as the target country’s laws for authentic translation of legalities in a document. When the line between fact and fiction gets blurred, it leads to common misunderstandings and might have a serious impact on people’s lives, due to the misinterpretation of legal issues.

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Some legal curiosities are plain stupid, while others are downright crazy but still others are really dangerous, and hence there are many people out there who would like to know about these. Being unaware of the fact or fiction nature of laws might easily land you in serious trouble. There are many informal books or lists of such laws where you can read about old laws, but none of it can be really exhaustive.

For instance, it is a fable that no one has the right to die in Parliament. This law originated because originally there was a law stating that if a person dies in the Royal Palace, he is entitled to a state funeral. However, there is no proof for any such law in any of the documents or legal translation available, and hence it stands to reason that this is just a fable. Some of these legal curiosities are downright ridiculous, such as questions regarding whether you can stand within 100 yards of the ruling king or queen without your socks on.

Such laws could have been in vogue at some time in history, and it may have been to do with the general case of apparel that is appropriate for wear in front of monarchs. It can only be stated that they no longer seem to be practiced, and due to lack of evidence, it is said to have been repealed. Another ridiculous law, or rather myth, goes to state that it is illegal to crack a boiled egg on the sharp end. There is no evidence of any such law and it is stated to be an urban myth, as the source cannot be traced.

You can find many such facts or fables regarding legal curiosities on the web and even in books. Most of these are well-researched and quite accurate. Reading more about such facts and fables highlights some of the silly laws that were in vogue in the past, and also makes us think about the laws and why governments impose such conditions on the population.

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