It is very advisable that one speaks at least one other foreign language apart from English in this global village today to fit in, so to say. One can argue that speaking and having knowledge of the English language is good enough and may save one in tight situations. One of the many reasons is because it is the second largest spoken language next to Chinese (Mandarin), if talking native speakers.  However, there are many excellent reasons for taking on an extra foreign language other than English.

What to try out before Translation Services

For business lovers for example, learning as many foreign languages as possible is what one call a mega bonus! Business people are well known for travelling a lot to different regions and outside their native countries. This might be to promote new products or introduce their products to new and foreign markets just like facebook founder mark Zuckerberg recently visited Nigeria and Kenya to promote and learn from their technology and mobile money technology.

There are also entrepreneurs who set up business bases in foreign countries all together. Such people and their employees need to be well conversant with the languages of their country of operation, so as to be trusted by the locals, that is if they want their products to be accepted. Ethnicities or countries of origin of people who are known for setting up businesses in foreign lands include; India, Turkey, Pakistan among the many.

Financial translation and interpretation services

Learning a new language (languages) is a great thing to do especially in the business world for effective communication and satisfaction from both the business owner and the client. However there are options for people who for one reason or another cannot learn new languages. There are some business aspects

Countries where you can set up businesses with ease

Ease to start up a business in a foreign language is based on time, number of procedures, cost and minimum capital according to the World Bank. Countries where this ease is are;

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Among countries deemed less difficult for business startups.

  • Malaysia
  • Ireland
  • Netherlands
  • Taiwan
  • Chile
  • United Kingdom and more
Options available to complement learning new languages

When it comes to business matters like dealing with clients, one is highly advised to hire professional financial translation services for effective communication to take place. In fact services should be from native speakers of the language in question because meanings differ per region, culture or country.

By Angela Kyolaba

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