Industries Should  Invest More on Technical Translations

The  idea of hiring and investing more in technical translation services is paramount for businesses and industries operating across the world. Why? Technical translations help to modify technical language talking about technical products into a lay man’s language.

I’m not the only one who may think technical translation contributes a lot of meaning to industries that produce technical products. There are very many people  who have the same idea and understanding that in business, client’s interests have to be taken into consideration.

Technical industries that should invest in technical translations

There is a majority of emerging technical industries across the world competing to win customers to buy their products. Therefore, to avoid being kicked out of the market, they have to consider technical translation services as a key. Industries such as;

  • Automotive industries
  • Telecommunication industries
  • Engineering industries
  • Pharmaceutical industries
  • Manufacturing industries
  • Electronic industries, etc.

Such industries should endeavor as much as possible to see that they spend on technical translation due to the technical language used to write about their products, this is because a client may find, let’s say a  China made phone in the market, only to find that its manual is written in Chinese language without translation alternative, because of the language problem, someone will just walk away.

So why are technical translations necessary in industries?

What I have to say is that technical translation is an activity that is done by a specialized person in a respective field, not everyone, then I have found that when you hire a translator to offer technical translation for your business, something unique happens. For example, you are operating a pharmaceutical industry, and you hire a translator with prior knowledge in translating pharmaceutical documents from either English to German as his or her native language or German to English, you will have helped non-English speakers or those who are unable to read English to learn about your pharmaceutical products in  and likewise to other language native speakers.

How we manage translation services in more than 200 languages?
When we talk about the technology and the internet use, most people nowadays prefer buying products or services online, this comes to my understanding that technical industries should as well provide technical translation services for their websites. Some clients may understand well about your product when he or she reads in his or her native language than in English language, this can attract more readers or clients to the company website since they can access it in their native languages, this is why  I recommend industries to invest on technical translations so as to provide website translations into various languages.

Broadening the client base worldwide, technical translations play a greater role in increasing the company’s client base, as I mentioned in the previous paragraph about technology and internet use, even person to person communication is very important, here, we mean technical interpretation in various languages, when clients find that the mode of communication is easy between them and service or product seller, they will feel comfortable and therefore make a decision to continue buying from that particular person. So investing on technical translations, will generate more profits for the company in return, and I will say that the more you spend on translation services for the business, the more you earn as profits or “what you sow is what you reap”.

Technical translations strengthens the client’s relationship with the business; translation and interpretation are the only solutions to language barriers, depending on the field that you need translations for, it will facilitate easier communication between business and its clients as I said earlier, not everyone can read technical language and understand it but in the presence of technical translation, this hardship is solved, on other hand, providing technical translation in your client’s native language, makes them feel that you care about them and their needs, so you will have many clients visiting your website and also those who will need direct contacts.

In general, technical translations to industries or any business is the only way to penetrate new markets in the world. Although that target community speaks English, it’s not a guarantee that they read can your product manuals and understand, that’s why most of the products today come to market with product manuals, brochures, safety manuals translated into various languages in order to suit the demands of the clients in that market.