Yes, it is true that one can actually choose to use various websites that provide “free translation”. These include babelfish, Google translator amongst others. From here you can “translate” text, websites, your tattoo…etc.

However, although these free resources are sometimes handy to use, free machine translation does not replace professional human translations. Machine translation can only give you a basic (and sometimes vague) idea of the translated text and should perhaps only be used by individuals and certainly not businesses.

Machine Vs Human Translation

Machine translation is around 60 – 70% accurate. It can never be 100% simply because of the lack of the human touch! By this, I mean, a machine cannot possibly be aware of the cultural, accent, writing, political, religious and economical differences associated with a given word or phrase when translated into another language; later on construct a naturally flowing sentence that makes complete sense to the targeted reader (audience).

Real Human Translation

At KL Translations, we believe that our professional native translations are of greater value and less risk to businesses that need to convey a specific message to a specific culture usually through the application of a common language. We have over 5000 professional, certified translators across the globe with our in-house linguists, project managers who are always available to advice clients on their translation requirements. Our document translation services are available at affordable prices for your peace of mind that what we send back to you is accurate and ready for business use.
What provokes people to get professional translators for their project?