The story of ‘India’s Daughter’ is one that has drawn international attention and disgust from every corner of the globe. The demonstrations and protests that were born of the reactions to the rape and subsequent death of a 23 year old woman in Delhi, were met with force by the government in the region. Six men stand accused of the appalling attack, one of which is thought to only be 17 years of age.

Although the youngest defendant will have to wait to be tried in a juvenile court, the other five men are being fast tracked through the justice system with many calling for their immediate execution if found guilty.

Lawyers of the defendants are keen to have the case transferred out of Delhi as they believe all of the media attention surrounding the case will provoke an unfair trial. Although there is said to be extensive forensic evidence to incriminate the men, their lawyers claim at least two of them were tortured into an admission of guilt.

As is sadly the norm with any case of sexual assault against women, there has been mixed responses from all sides. There is always the unjust opinion of certain groups who feel women should do more to prevent men from being tempted to attack them, whilst those on the sane and sensible side of the fence lobby for more to be done to keep women safe.

Fast-track court establishment

This recent horrific event in Delhi has prompted the government to promise to establish six new fast-track courts which will be used to speedily deal with similar crimes against women. Sex crimes in India occur at a terrifying rate and it is thought that at least 90% of Indian women feel unsafe. It is not just women who suffer at the hands of men, but children too. In the year of 2012 alone, there were at least 700 rapes in Delhi, a region that is now being referred to as the rape capital of India.

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Delhi is located on the Yamuna River in north India and is the second most populated metropolis in India after Mumbai. There are 16.3 million people living there on approximately 573 sq miles of land. The Hindi language is the main spoken tongue of Delhi and is largely dominated by a Hindu population. The Urdu and Punjabi languages are also prevalent in the region with English also being used as a language of instruction.