Just when you thought it was safe to dip your toes into business waters again, it seems the legacy of the recession will be making big waves over the coming years. The latest quarterly report from the Ernst and Young Item Club has suggested that the age of debt-straddled consumerism is due to be superseded by the rapidly expanding exports market. (Source: BBC News).

The bottom line for organisations seems to be that, even more than ever, the future will hinge on establishing dependable business links and seeking out new customers abroad. According to the BBC article, UK companies will increasingly be looking to the Asian market, and particularly China, to recalibrate their performances in the years to come. All told, it’s set to be a rocky ride back to stability for home grown enterprises and multinationals alike.

For companies built on an international ethos, perhaps there’s a bright side to this particularly gloomy forecast. Experts have predicted a 10% growth in the exports market by 2012, meaning there will be an increased onus on smooth international communication. As services dedicated to global relations, KL Translations and the rest of the translations market may be in a unique position to resist the fallout from the ongoing economic stranglehold. And if a shift away from consumer-led markets to exports really is on the cards, intelligent, adaptable businesses may soon find a new set of opportunities well within their reach.
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