The continuing globalisation of business through the Internet has led to an escalating demand for organisations to communicate financial information in many languages.

Maintaining the accurate details of financial information during a translation is of paramount importance to businesses, investors, clients and suppliers so there is no element of fraud. The smallest of errors could have drastic consequences and could easily lead to criminal investigations and in give your trading name a bad reputation.

As with other types of professional translation, financial translation involves the conversion of sensitive accounting data, files, documents, reports, financial forecasts and web content from the source language to the target language.

As well as needing linguistic expertise, financial translation is best left to experts who understand the unique terminology used in this specialist area. A financial translator will typically be qualified in their area of expertise, or would have spent a large proportion of their career in this sector i.e. like a stockbroker or an investment broker etc.

Whether translating your annual reports, income statement or next year’s forecast, a financial translator will ensure that the complexities of the documents are translated perfectly, and that it makes sense in both the languages.

The integrity of key metrics such as profit, loss, ROI or EBITDA must be maintained precisely, in the final output. Therefore, the quality and accuracy of the translated document will be as exact as the original, with only small variations to account for regional, dialect and currency fluctuations.

Investment houses

Investment houses in the financial services sector often need to present their product portfolio to clients and investors throughout the world. Both the overall picture and the finest details need to be accurate and perfectly in order to maintain the integrity of original document’s message and impact.

A skilled financial translator will be able to give both of these aspects their attention, resulting in a professional output which meets the objectives intended by the original author and the company they represent.

Not only will a financial translator you employ be an expert in their field, they will also have high level of understanding of their local language, culture and standards as well as the source language.

As a result, translated documents will be free from any words or phrases that could cause offence, lead to misunderstanding or be stylistically inappropriate. Additionally, by adhering to regional standards, translated financial data will reflect the information in a localised manner to ensure compliance with any financial regulation that you may be required to satisfy.

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