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The interpreter and the translator do the same thing. They grasp the subject matter of source language to deliver it in another yet the two are not interchangeable. Each of this profession has equivalent strengths, however, translation is slightly demanding. A translator has to have the interpretingskills; they must first interpret (to himself or colleague) text for them to translate it while an interpreter can do without translating tasks. For example, they do not need to refer to dictionaries and other tools to deliver. There are rare cases of professionals who can do both interpretation andtranslation but it is advisable to hire specialists in either of the two for perfection.

Difference in knowledge. Interpreting does not necessarily mean converting word after word to the target language.  Interpreting involves elaborating the meaning for the live audience to understand, possibly without using the exact sentences while translating is restricted to converting the meaning of a source language text by using tools of an equivalent target language text. Therefore what is more important to an interpreter is to have the in-depth knowledge of the current culture of the people who speak the language he is interpreting as well as its jargon updates in order to be expressive enough. On the other hand, the translator has to have the wider knowledge of both ancient and current culture to have a wider vocabulary of the language to deliver accurate meaning.

b2ap3_thumbnail_interpreter-vs.-translator.jpgWriting is different from speaking. An interpreter is a speaker while a translator is a writer. The way a statement is spoken is different from the way it is written. Considering grammar or and accuracy, interpretation does not rely on accuracy and grammar as long as the audience is able to understand what the interpreter has faithfully stated while translation (written) is emphatic on grammar accuracy. Anyone can interpret as long as they are inborn field specialists because they have the ability to make the audience understand while a translator must be a linguist, trained to scrutinize source text to determine the right vocabulary for the target language to maintain sense of the subject matter.

Natural Talent. There are people who are good in public speaking while others are introverts but good in writing. This could explain why some interpreters cannot be translators. It is two separate inborn talents. Translation agencies which offer to exceptional services must have discovered that from the beginning, during their scrupulous interviews thus recruiting wisely. Therefore an interpreter is expressive in speech while a translator is, in writing.

Difference in experience. Interpreters have to translate sentence after sentence, at most a paragraph, simultaneously .Interpreters speak directly to the audience, if they are to have stops, or break in to interpret  along speech, the audience might end up lose the flow of the message. Translators first read the whole block of text to graspof the meaning of a source-language text to determine the equivalent target-language vocabulary to use. Therefore interpreters and translators might find switching tasks hard after their longtime of service. Each should perform the tasks they are specialized in and conversant with for excellence.

Difference in performance. Translating is a solitary professional. If more than one translator handles the document, they might interfere with the meaning of text. On the other hand, for one to interpret solely, they have to have the capacity to handle speech that requires instant response of conversion no matter the speed or opt to interpret in pairs, one to interpret as the other monitors accuracy, to anticipate mental breakdown. A person who is used to performing in partnership might be bored by the work of a translator, whose pace of performance is necessarily slower.

b2ap3_thumbnail_images-5.jpgThere is no setting in life that an exception of unprepared occurrences and is not subjected to the law. That is why the law is composed of criminal law, property law, tax law, contract law, corporation’s law, international law and constitutions are amended regularly to provide for every situation of life. I would therefore not be conclusive to say insurance and legal services should be secured at once. Even in monolingual cases, putting into consideration that it’s not a mere word but technical terminology that aids legal communication; one should not secure legalistic insurance and leave translation services, for the law has a system bound linguistic in nature.

How To Identify A Professional Translation Company

It is undeniable that translation services cannot be done away with in this time and era where on a daily basis we run into hundreds of new faces all from different regions and languages.

At times one needs their very important official documents to be translated for official purposes like marriage, migration issues, business, academics to mention a few. This therefore calls for expertise translation services so as not to get into legal trouble or get into unnecessary delays.

How Translation Services Have Changed Over The Time

Well as for today translation companies all over the world are no new site at all because of the high demand for their services that are required worldwide.This kind of demand comes up as a result of the high rate at which people travel from one country to another even better from one continent to another. This usually is for reasons that are too many to list down but some include;


Unlike in the past times when one had to contact piles of books from different languages to get a translation of a single word, today technology has made life easy with the translator apps and software.

The most common of these are Google translate, Microsoft translator app, iTranslate from apple, android translator app to mention but a few. Online translating apps have played an important role in providing free and fast translation services to their clients. These translating apps and software have a number of plus points which will leave every one with no choice but to opt for them.


Languages and Gambling

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Let’s add gambling to the list of international or global languages that are there. The ever growing list of unofficial international languages includes love, music, sand tears to mention but a few.

Our fore fathers or the generations before us had a far better reading culture than what we have today. Teachers or parents would require a child or young adult to read two books at most in a week and the latter would be expected to hand in a hand written review at the end of the week.


Adoption and Languages

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Scores of international couples brave all the strict issues involved in the adoption processes that sometimes drag on for more than three years. This is so even with the high numbers of orphaned children, or those abandoned, tortured and those left to languish in foster care homes and orphanages.


How to communicate amidst a disaster

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Natural and unnatural disasters have been part of the human life ever since time memorial. While some are due to humans tampering with the natural flow of events like the current heat waves that have killed over 1000 people in both India and Pakistan are thought to be catalyzed by;

·       Deforestation

·       Mining

·       Air pollution by factory and automobile gasses


Why English is Important

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Usually when one speaks just one or two languages; that is usually the mother tongue and either English or French, or just the mother tongue.

Recently I discovered that African countries, East Africa in particular, there are so many big business projects owned by foreigners.

Now, for these to earn their profits they are encouraged to learn the local dialects. For example, when one enters an Indian restaurant, one can actually eavesdrop as the manager rebukes or corrects his Ugandan workers in really bad but understandable Luganda; a dialect spoken in the central part of the country.


Language in the Field Of Sports

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By definition sports is referred to as an activity involving a physical use of energy and skill to perform a particular task normally competition against each other. It is also a form of entrainment

I laugh out loud whenever I remember the infamous sign language interpreter at the late Nelson Mandela, former president of South Africa’s burial. He was to be doing something totally different from that which he was paid to do; sign language interpretation.

No need to look at the clouds now days to ascertain whether it will rain, shine, be windy or not. This is done by forecasters on almost every news channel or news hour.

Forget about the few weather forecasters who totally mess up our days when they foretell lies; it will shine, then end up with the rude reality the next day when we are soaked in rain.

Weather forecasting is therefore very important in the running of our day to day lives and businesses in particular.

Simply because you will know when to transport your merchandise, without the interruption of rain or the traffic jam that comes with rain if you are using road transport. And one will know what transportation means best for transport or travel basing on the weather.

Or, an umbrella hawker will know when it is exactly going to rain so as to sell as many of them as possible, because the demand for umbrellas will automatically soar with rain pouring down and people not wanting to get wet as they go about their daily businesses.

But what happens when one is about to travel, transact business in a foreign area, or tour a particular foreign country,

We’ve seen and heard many times of;

·         Flights being cancelled.

·         Schools being closed.

·         Half of the entire transportation system of a certain country being put on hold, all because of weather irregularities.

Usually though locals of such countries are affected, it is the foreigners; tourists, students or business people who are hit the hardest.

For example, the famous rapper and singer Nicki Minaj confesses that when she was brought to the United States of America as a child from her native country Trinidad and Tobago.

She was surprised and shocked when on disembarking off the plane, she realized the ground was covered in snow, which snow was unpleasantly very cold and had never experienced before.

So the U,S.A wasn’t look as rosy as she had always imagined it or as she had seen it in those enticing, beautiful and animated pictures.

May be in such situations, one needs global professional weather observers to analyse and interpret weather irregularities and components before they set off to different geographical areas.

This is to ascertain if flooding will take place, that is in case the area targeted is coastal maybe. This might have been overlooked by weather forecasters in a person’s country or region of origin.


The Evolution of Languages

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Before we begin, first and foremost, it is critical to accept the fact that language is a far too wide and vague topic for anyone to say anything sensible about, if you disagree, I would have liked to hear your opinion after you read this article.

At my early age while still in my infant stages of education I loved to read story books especially those starting with a statement; ” once upon  a time there lived a man………..” I enjoyed to learn how things used to happen in the past and compared them with the current situation and that was pretty interesting.


International Business Etiquette

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He walked into a Japanese company with a scheduled appointment with the executives. He was asked to remove his shoes despite the fact we are in the modern era, and the guest renounced the request. He was ‘given the pink slip,’ and denied the meeting. It’s embarrassing when no deference is displayed for somebody else’s customs and it irks more when you blow a million dollar deal out of arrogance and ignorance. Besides the narration of how this meeting with the Japanese company (Toyota) executives was denied. I am simply awe-struck and I deeply admire the culture embodied in the Japanese that they transpire in business and professionalism as well. This is a panorama of how fiddly International business can be if ill prepared for it.

Just like after any long day, you would probably hit the gym, kick it with a few friends, head for your night lecture andlater on, with a case of insomnia, you would preferably use your ‘free time’ and catch up on that amazing book, 10 pages in every day and finally, I like to waft off and have forty-winks into this blockbuster or collection of series episodes.


Language And Global Business

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Globalisation once a myth is now a living reality and an aspect of society today. From the arts and creations by maestros of their time; Michelangelo, Da Vinci, we get to witness their ideas and creations practiced in many aspects of the world of the 21st Century. From the first flight by the Wright brothers to the concord flights, journeys that would last months at sea to journeys that only last a whiff of a second. We are now currently able to actually GLOBALISE.


Translation and Language Barrier

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It is an evangelic mission to sit in front of my laptop, write and share, communicate with you, because I cannot imagine a world where we are not able to correspond or be in touch with ourselves and share our experience with another. Am sure if you took half a minute to think about it, the thought would reduce some to tears. The idea of looking at your loved ones like a blank canvas without an expression on your face or eyes, but deep down you are ravaging with emotion.

A “detoother” or a “dentist” is a gold-digger looking for a wealthy partner, “spewing out buffalos” means you can’t speak proper English; a ‘side-dish’ certainly isn’t something served by a waiter but rather someone’s mistress, Benching is a University slang meaning to drop by on someone you may have a romantic interest in and ”a campuser” is a University student.

When it comes to providing proper and efficient medical care to patients, translation and interpreting services are very critical especially for the case involving parties speaking different languages. If patient and the doctor cannot understand each other then without an interpreter treatment cannot go any further. If it does some negative outcomes may be realized which may be a threat to life.

When doing business, conducting an interview is something that should never be underestimated. Whenever the word interview in general is uttered, what is likely to ring in the mind of many people is either a job interview or press interview.


The number of businesses operating globally is growing by leaps and bounds. The growing influence of globalization and the massive increase in technological advancement has made doing business in any part of the world pretty easy for any one. Culture and language are indispensable factors to consider when deciding to take business to the global scale. It is quite common that any business whether starting or already in existence presents its own challenges. Stiff competition at home often forces companies expand their operations to the global scale; however they don’t find it merry even at the international markets.


The debate as to whether utilise machine translation or human translation services remains unsolved. Google translate has been operational for quite some time, however of recent Google introduced real time translator while Microsoft recently rolled out Skype translator. The question however holds whether this translation apps work efficiently.


Learn the Second Language or Pay a Price

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You may think going to school and attaining a degree or academic skills in a particular field is enough to make you employable, for instance one may think being a skilful doctor enables him to work anywhere in the world.  Perhaps no, the truth is that you may need a second language to increase your chances of being employed in a foreign country.

It’s difficult to know how important Interpretation and Translation are in the military until you share with a colleague serving in the military, read in the internet or be personally involved in a military operation in the foreign land.


What You Need to Know about Sign Language

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Many will agree with me that sign language is perceived to be the language for people with special needs. This includes people with visual impairment, hearing impairment, or mental retardation.


Social Media and Translation

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The social media is one of the leading communication platforms worldwide. The social media platforms include twitter, facebook, Google plus, LinkedIn, among others. Unlike the traditional media, the social media informs and connects users worldwide within the shortest time possible. This has been made possible by internet connections.


5 Interesting Books about Translation

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Why Translation Matters.


This is a book by Edith Grossman an American Spanish-to-English literary translator who is praised for her distinguished translation of Spanish literature. Published in 2010, why translation matters argues for cultural importance of the translation and for a more encompassing and nuanced appreciation of the translator’s role. In her introduction, Edith Grossman writes, “My intention is to stimulate a new consideration of an area of literature that is too often ignored, misunderstood, or misrepresented.” According to Edith in this book, translation has unsurpassable importance as she writes; “Translation not only plays its important traditional role as the means that allows us access to literature originally written in one of the countless languages we cannot read, but it also represents a concrete literary presence with the crucial capacity to ease and make more meaningful our relationships to those with whom we may not have had a connection before. Translation always helps us to know, to see from a different angle, to attribute new value to what once may have been unfamiliar. As nations and as individuals, we have a critical need for that kind of understanding and insight. The alternative is unthinkable.”

While translation has been perceived differently by different people, reading this book makes you understand and appreciate translation services as the art that is very important rather than being often ignored, misunderstood or misrepresented.