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More about Guinea Bissau

Guinea-Bissau is found in west Africa with Bissau being its capital aswell as the largest city. Its bordered by the Atlantic Ocean to the west, Guinea to the south and east, Senegal to the north. Guinea-Bissau has number of ethnic groups like Balanta which has the biggest percentage of people. Others include; Fula, Manjaca, Mandinga, Papel and many more.

Quality Guinea-Bissau Translation Services

Our Guinea-Bissau Translation Services operate round the clock and are  timely delivered. We have a network of specialist linguists who handle their respective fields to high technical perfection; medical, legal, financial, technical, marketing, life science and more. Our services include;

Mian languages spoken in Guinea-Bissau

There are a few languages spoken in Guinea-Bissau that include Portuguese which happens to be the official language. French is also spoken because the country is surrounded by French speaking countries. Kriol is also another language that is widely spoken by the majority of people.

Economy of Guinea-Bissau

The economy of Guinea-Bissau depends on fishing and agriculture. In recent years year cash crop production has been increased remarkably over the years. Exportation of seafood and fish also bring in extra revenue for the government.

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