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More about Djibouti

Djibouti is found in the horn of Africa and is bordered by Somalia in the southeast, Ethiopia in the west and south, Eritrea in the north, Red Sea and Gulf of Aden in the east. Its capital is Djibouti city which happens to also be the largest city.

Main languages spoken in Djibouti

Being a multi-ethnic nation, Djibouti has a population of over 750000 and Afar and Somali make up the two largest ethnic groups. Somali and Afar are recognised languages however the official languages spoken are Arabic and French.

Quality Djibouti  Translation Services

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Economy of Djibouti

The world’s busiest shipping lanes are located near Djibouti which is strategic. This is very important for the country because importation and exportation of goods is much easier and also it serves as a commercial hub for neighbouring countries. Inreturn this generates extra revenues for the government. Also the service sector takes up a large portion of the country’s economy.

Afar translation Djibouti

We translate Afar to English and vice versa in Djibouti. We also translate Afar into any other language as per clients’ need.

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