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More about the Democratic Republic of Congo

DRC is located in the Great Lakes region of central Africa. The country is the second largest in Africa by Area . Congo borders the Central African Republic and South Sudan to the north; Uganda, Rwanda, and Burundi in the east; Zambia and Angola to the south, and the Atlantic Ocean to the west; and is separated from Tanzania by Lake Tanganyika in the east. DRC is constituted by over 200 ethnic group languages of which the Bantu are majority. Other groups include   Mongo, Luba and Mangbetu-Azande. This makes Congo a linguistic country with over 100 languages. The country has many cities with  Kinshasa being a capital. other cities include;

Main languages spoken in DRC

French is the official Language in Congo. Other languages spoken include

  • Lubumbashi
  • Kolwezi
  • Mbuji-Mayi
  • Likasi
  • Kananga
  • Goma
  • Kisangani
  • Kikwit
  • Tshikapa
  • Bunia
  • Mbandaka
  • Matadi

  • Kikongo (Kituba)
  • Mongo
  • Lingala
  • Lunda
  • Tshiluba
  • Tetela,
  • Chokwe
  • Mboshi,
  • Budza
  •  Bateke
  • Ngbandi
  • Lendu
  •  Mangbetu
  • Nande
  • Ngbaka
  • Eborna

The economy of DRC

The economy of Congo is considered to be the richest in the world  due to its untapped natural resources. The economy largely relies on mining. Its the second largest producer of diamond. Other sectors of the economy include; energy, education, industry communication and media among others.

Quality Democratic Republic of Congo  Translation Services

Our Democratic Republic of Congo Translation Services operate round the clock and are  timely delivered. We have a network of specialist linguists who handle their respective fields to high technical perfection; medical, legal, financial, technical, marketing, life science and more. Our services include;

  • Interpretation services
  • Document translation services
  • Transcription services
  • Subtitling services
Lingala translation services DRC

KL Translations is well prepared to cater for any type of Lingala translation, quickly and precisely. We translate Lingala language to English and vice as well as Lingala to any other language.

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