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About Central African Republic

Central African Republic is a land-locked country located in the north Central  Africa.   It borders Chad in the north, Sudan in the northeast, South Sudan in the east, the Democratic Republic of the Congo,  in the south and Cameroon in the west. The population of Central African Republic is a composition of several ethnic groups including; Baya, Banda, Mandija, Sara, Mboum, Mbaka and Yakoma. This has made Central African Republic a home of diverse languages. The country’s capital is Bangui and it is the major business Centre.

Main languages spoken in the Central African Republic

The country recognizes French as the official language and Sangho as both the national and official language. Other languages include;

  • Bangi
  • Bomitaba
  • Gbaya
  • Mbadja
  • Ngbaka
  • Ngudi
  • Shuwa

Economy of Central African Republic

The country relies mostly on the imports from   Netherlands (19.5%), Cameroon (9.7%), France (9.3%),  South Korea (8.7%). and  Belgium (31.5%), followed by China (27.7%), the Democratic Republic of Congo (8.6%), Indonesia (5.2%) and France (4.5%). The economy’s largest and primary sector is Agriculture contributing 55% of the total GDP. Other sectors include; finance and banking, natural resources (crude oil, gold, diamond etc) among others.

Central African Republic Translation Services

Our Central African Republic Translation Services operate  round the clock to help our clients optimize time. We guarantee full acceptance of our translations in  the Central African Republic  and all global institutions. Our team is composed of only linguist specialist each  handling their respective fields; Medical, legal, financial, technical, life science, marketing and more. Our services include;

Sangho translation services

We deliver fast and accurate Sangho translation services. We translate Sangho into English and vice versa. We also translate Sangho into any other language of your preference. No pair of languages we cannot handle to perfection.

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