Are you looking for new ways to translate documents? Are you messed with the filthy services of companies around? We will tell you some free and effective ways to get your requirements done quite easily. Suppose I am not a professional who often face language problem but in today’s digital world, there are websites and software programs in numerous languages. In this case, if you want to translate then we have some solid tips that will make the process easy and reliable. Here is the list: 1.      Google Translate: This is the link that will take you to the destination. As clear by name, this tool has come from Google so quality will be at no compromise. You can translate document of as much length as you need. This is totally free and available in all major languages of the world. 2.      World Lingo: here is the link This is also free to use. When it comes to quality then it is good enough. Only problem is availability of languages, which is not like Google. We recommend this tool for the simple understanding rather than grammatically correct translation. Even Google’s translation is not perfect in grammar. 3.      KL Translation: This is professional translation company but still they have free tool which can be used. More or less their tool is also similar to World Lingo in terms of quality and affectivity. KL Translation is offering far more languages than the last one while lesser than Google. 4.      Microsoft office translation: you would be wondering but this is right. MS office has an inbuilt solution for the translation. Go in the review tab and you will find this option available over there. Few other options like Thesaurus, ABC Spelling and Grammar and few other tools are also available. Furthermore I would like to add that document translation is always a complex job if you are quality conscious. When you become reluctant in terms of quality then only this type of tool are useful. For perfect grammar translation, always go for the professional translation companies.