Translation and Language Barrier

It is an evangelic mission to sit in front of my laptop, write and share, communicate with you, because I cannot imagine a world where we are not able to correspond or be in touch with ourselves and share our experience with another. Am sure if you took half a minute to think about it, the thought would reduce some to tears. The idea of looking at your loved ones like a blank canvas without an expression on your face or eyes, but deep down you are ravaging with emotion. How would we let a doctor know that we are in pain if we cannot communicate in the same language? […]

”Spewing Up Buffalos”! −Is it English or Uglish?

A “detoother” or a “dentist” is a gold-digger looking for a wealthy partner, “spewing out buffalos” means you can’t speak proper English; a ‘side-dish’ certainly isn’t something served by a waiter but rather someone’s mistress, Benching is a University slang meaning to drop by on someone you may have a romantic interest in and ”a campuser” is a University student. The above phrases are just some of the examples that you will come across in the new evolved Uglish dictionary in Uganda. Uglish is a new form of English that has been adopted by Ugandans influenced mostly by Luganda language and other local languages This perhaps looks funny and strange English […]

Mexico’s Energy Reform Increases the Demand for Translation Services

In 1938, the constitution of Mexico allowed for the nationalization and expropriation of all private foreign and domestic investments in the country. As a result PAMEX a state owned Petroleum Company was formed to manage all the petroleum products in Mexico. This implied state monopoly of natural resources.   For the years Mexico’s oil sector has been under government control, the sector has registered declining production and revenue.  To increase on the production and revenue, the Mexico’s congress in August last year approved  comprehensive changes to the country’s energy sector thereby allowing private foreign investors bidding for oil contracts in the country. Pamex will therefore lose the oil monopoly it […]

The Cost for Translation Services for Patients Worries Hospitals

When it comes to providing proper and efficient medical care to patients, translation and interpreting services are very critical especially for the case involving parties speaking different languages. If patient and the doctor cannot understand each other then without an interpreter treatment cannot go any further. If it does some negative outcomes may be realized which may be a threat to life. Here in UK the number of immigrants is increasing by leaps and abounds yet majority of them cannot speak English which necessitates the provision of translation services in almost all social institutions such as hospitals and schools among others. This has resulted to many social institutions realizing persistent […]

Interview transcription: A necessity for Business.

When doing business, conducting an interview is something that should never be underestimated. Whenever the word interview in general is uttered, what is likely to ring in the mind of many people is either a job interview or press interview. The word interview however is such a broad term that has a series of components. These include job interviews, university interviews, student research interviews, market research interviews, legal interviews, educational interviews, medical interviews, journalistic interviews, PACE interviews, among others. Interview transcription service is done for variety of interviews across different spectrums. This include job interviews, university interviews, student research interviews, market research interviews, legal interviews, educational interviews, medical interviews, journalistic […]

3 Ways to Use Culture and Language to Influence International Business Success

The number of businesses operating globally is growing by leaps and bounds. The growing influence of globalization and the massive increase in technological advancement has made doing business in any part of the world pretty easy for any one. Culture and language are indispensable factors to consider when deciding to take business to the global scale. It is quite common that any business whether starting or already in existence presents its own challenges. Stiff competition at home often forces companies expand their operations to the global scale; however they don’t find it merry even at the international markets. The greatest challenge that companies normally face is identification of the right […]