Global Village and Translation Services

The world is certainly becoming a global village. It does not really matter where you are in this world. If you would like expand the horizons of your business, you have to spread it around the world diminishing all the boundaries. Difference of language should not stop you from sharing your ideas and service with people of other regions. In order to help you in this undesirable situation translation services are there. They offer services like converting audio, video, manuscript and other documents from one language to another.Today, every company has websites. It is extremely important part of an effective business strategy. To communicate with the people of other tongues, website translation is […]

Language Translation in India; a Sunrise Industry

There has not been a recession for the translation industry in India where the sector is seeing a steady rise in demand as the country is regarded as a great consumer base. Medical translation is currently a blooming business in India thanks to another lucrative business: medical tourism. This is a growing industry that brings around $ 2 billion per year to the local economy. The most popular treatments sought in India by medical tourists are alternative medicine, bone-marrow transplant, cardiac bypass, eye surgery and hip replacement. In the last couple of years, we have seen medical tourists travelling to India from all corners of the world. Patients from countries like […]

Cumbrian Court Interpreters Protest at New Plans

Interpreters in Cumbria will travel to Manchester next week to take part in a protest over plans to contract with one supplier to provide language services at courts and tribunals. After a 12-month procurement process Applied Language Solutions (ALS), a Manchester based translation agency was selected for the contract to provide legal interpreting services. The Ministry of Justice (MoJ) wants to streamline the system of sourcing and booking an interpreter, saving money and staff time. ALS says the centralisation of bookings makes it possible to“efficiently and  fairly distribute the work available for each language in a given region.”   However, many independent interpreters say they do not want to be agency workers and […]

Get the Most out of the Olympics

The Olympic Games countdown has started. There are less than 360 days left for the inauguration of the London 2012 and everybody is getting ready to receive the 216 delegations that will take part in this event. The Olympics will bring athletes and spectators from all over the world to London. Without a doubt, language skills will be essential for smooth communication between organizers, participants and the press. Ceremonies, press conferences, drug testing and other official procedures will require translation and interpreting services of the highest standard. This Olympics Games will have two official languages, English and French. Putting aside the official event, there will be a lot of tourism from different […]

Arabic Language and Medical Translation

With over 300 million native speakers of the Arabic language, and ranking 5th in a list of the most influential languages of the world, the need for Arabic medical translation is essential. The well-known language is not only the native language for 26 Middle East and North African states, but also influences many other languages, showing its importance and the need for translations. Having recently visited Jordan, an Arabic speaking country, I can speak for myself and many others when I say that medical translation is imperative. It is likely that when falling ill in a foreign country you would want it to feel like home, or as homely as it […]

Legal Translation: Questions Answered

Legal translation is any form of translation that is used within the legal system. Many different types of legal documents can be translated. Some of the documents include patent and trademark fillings, contracts, witness and court transcripts, registration documents, depositions, expert reports, affidavits, legal disclaimers, legal certifications, confidentiality agreements and letters of credit. The list can go on for infinity and you must take note that other documents will become “legal” when they go into the criminal and civil justice systems. When Does a Document Need to be Translated Legally? Whenever an individual plans to use the said document for legal matters or when the courts plan on using it, […]

The Growing Impact of Internet and Social Media in Africa

Africa is a continent with rich natural resources which attracts a lot of investment from both western and eastern governments and companies.  Amongst these the Chinese are now one of the biggest investors in Africa investing billions in copper, agriculture and other resources undeniably becoming (in the eyes of western governments) a force to be reckoned with. This has brought vast technological advancement to the continent of Africa amongst these the use of mobile phones and internet is much more enormous than many would anticipate. With more than 400 million mobile phone subscribers in Africa alone and over 139 million internet users according to, there is great potential for companies to […]

The Importance of Arabic Website Translation

The increase of Arabic speaking countries has allowed for the use of Arabic language in over 26 states with over 310 million native speakers, so it’s no wonder that Arabic website translation has become more important and sought after by companies. Along with increasing the value of the site, it will increase the traffic and potential sales that the company could have. Catering for all visitors is important and will provide a sense of belonging to the user. The Arabic language is not an easy one to master, which is why a good translation is a necessity. With everyday items being shipped worldwide on a daily basis the world is […]